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An online business building membership.

Is this you?

 You’re ready to…

— Let go of your limiting beliefs and actually start the business that will change your life.
— Stop convincing yourself that you're "fine" with your corporate job and start an online business where YOU dictate how much you work and how much money you make
-— Be able to support your family financially while also spending more time with them than ever
— Start your business utilizing the accountability, mindset, community support, and multi 7-figure mentor who's been EXACTLY where you are now 
— Look back on the days that you used to wake up for work with a pit of anxiety in your stomach and laugh because starting your online business changed EVERYTHING

A membership that will teach you exactly how to build the confidence needed to launch your online business, leave your 9-5 and know which online path is right for you.

While others are telling you your dreams are too big, inside the LAB membership we say, "It's SO possible. Here's how you'll get there. Now let's dream even bigger!!" You've known for AWHILE now that you're ready and you're so excited to dive into the online business space.

For the freedom seekers ready to say goodbye to the 9-5 cubicle and hello to starting your workday from anywhere in the world.


The LAB membership will be the first step in taking you from spending your mornings in rush hour traffic to spending your mornings sitting outside with your dog, home-made breakfast in hand preparing for another day that you're EXCITED about.

I'm ready to change my life


 Meet the

lab membership

Get ready to be handed the first steps to start your online business on a silver platter so YOU can hand in your two week notice. 

I want to be a lab member

don't be confused with our past offers,
this is still for you if you've already started your business and want the invaluable accountability, community, mindset support, and access to jess that LAB will bring 

hear how we helped past students grow their businesses

hear how we helped
past students grow their businesses

I was very hesitant to invest  because I wasn't sure if I would follow through with it and if it would be worth it. But I have no regrets!! it was so worth it. it's honestly amazing and I think it’s the best route to take if you want to invest in yourself and start your business online. seriously, a life changing program


okay you guys! i just got my first client! i’m getting paid to work online and it’s week two! whaaaat?! it’s actually happening!


I was trying to DIY being a VA and not making any traction with clients. Between the modules, coaching, and guest speakers, it felt like a secret sauce that unlocked my potential for my business. My first reel after starting got me client inquiries, and I had posted several before. in week 10, I was able to resign from my teaching job for the next school year!


I was able to quit my 9-5, replace my corporate income and make MORE, grow my confidence within my work, meet new people, make amazing connections and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities and growth that I can see in myself and my business. It was entirely worth the investment and the best thing I have ever done!

Carla Vicente

to say this has changed my life would be an understatement. since starting, i've quadrupled my income, pivoted my career, moved to los angeles, and am now working with people who light me up every single day. that's not to mention the opportunities that have come my way and the flexibility in my schedule. all of that happened in 6 months.

Mariah manning

I was very hesitant to invest in this program because I wasn't sure if I would follow through with it and if it would be worth it. But I have no regrets!! it was so worth it. it's honestly amazing and I think it’s the best route to take if you want to invest in yourself and start your business online. seriously, a life changing program.


meet your seasoned lab coach

jess hawks | business coach

I stumbled across the role of a Virtual Assistant a few years ago and tbh, I thought it sounded WAY too good to be true. I was 20k in debt, a college dropout, working 60+ hours a week and LOST with what I wanted my life to look like. 

Once I decided to dive all in, I replaced my 9-5 income within 6 weeks and within 4 months, I was making 9-10k/MONTH! 

I started to see my dream life appearing before my very eyes. I LOVED waking up for work, I could spend my mornings to myself (cause your girl is NOT a morning person), book hair/nail appointments whenever I wanted, pay off 20k worth of debt, buy my car in cash, purchase my dream home, invest multiple figures, go visit my family out of state at the drop of a hat and ultimately, the feeling of "what am I doing with my life?" was gone.

from college dropout & desk job burnout to building a digital business & scaling the career of my dreams.

I wanted to create a revolution. 

I knew that there had to be SO many others out there in my same situation before starting my business. I wanted to show people who knew that were meant for more that they could have everything they dreamed of, even when society said it was "unrealistic".

Since then, I've taught over 6,000 students to build REAL online businesses.

My students have gone on to build multiple 6 + 7 figure businesses, be featured in Business Insider, travel the world, make a full time income while working part time hours, become experts in their industries, finally have the chance to be a stay at home parent, feel excitement instead of nerves when they check their bank account, buy land, build their dream house, have time to focus on their health and say "Look at me now." to anyone who ever doubted them.

And guess what? SO many of them did it with no college degree and zero experience working online.

but i didn't stop there...


Launch a business

here's what you'll get immediate access to when you join lab

Monthly content

Grab this month's content immediately. We want you to get your hands on our content the second you join.

Access to group call replays

Never miss a group call. You'll have access to all replays when your other commitments get in the way.

Niche Workbook

Struggling to find where you fit in the online space? Get immediate access to a workbook that will help you decide.

mindset journal

Mindset can make or break you when running a business. That's why we give you immediate access to some of our favorite mindset exercises off the bat.

Your first training

Get your first training with Jess immediately on assessing your skillset and learning how to apply that to an online business: new or established.


I want to be a lab member

Every single month you'll get a new training that will help you completely revamp your mindset + learn how to start your online business. They are JUICYYYY.


Our live Q&A calls (yes they're recorded!) and membership portal mean that you will have HANDS ON access to Jess and your other LAB members. This is a game changer and will help you see results in a fraction of the time. Plus it feels pretty amazing to be surrounded by people hyping you up every day.


Struggling to figure out where you fit in the online space? Get immediate access to our workbooks that help you position yourself online in a standout way. 


As a member of the lab membership you'll be the first to know about online business space updates, deals from Jess and secret offers. 


It only gets better and better the longer you're in lab. You'll have the opportunity to level up and gain access to unlockable content that isn't available anywhere else and will help you skyrocket your results.



Want to work online but not sure what skills you have to offer? This in depth workshop will walk you through how to dial in to what you're naturally good at to craft your services and business role.




hear it from MY actual students...

Launch a business

your lab timeline

1:1 time

Personal call with your coach to discover your strengths, go after them, and overcome roadblocks.

real community

Meet fellow creatives looking to boldly build their dream lives in group trainings and Slack chats.

Group Q&A
Training: Letting go of the limiting beliefs that have held you back from your dream career

Group Q&A
Training: Managing your time while building a business while being in a 9-5

Group Q&A
Training: Reframing your subconscious beliefs to support your new online career

Group Q&A
Training: How your online business will be profitable

Group Q&A
Training: Harnessing your uniqueness to build an immediately standout online business

Group Q&A
Training: Surprise guest expert

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 4

month 5

month 6

it's time to stop googling how to start a business online and go from “Okay I know I can do it but how?” to “oh my god, I am DOING this no matter what and I know exactly how to harness my existing skills to do it."

launch a business

my student before & afters

Join the membership

Join the membership

"I'm making over $13K per month in my business, hoping to scale that consistently in 2024. My end of year goal for next year is $250K 🤯"

"I was waking up at like 11am every day, immediately scrolling TikTok, living life through other people. Basically surviving every day, and was fully relying on my husband and his income"


Student S THEN

"I am now a VA Agency owner 2 years later with 40 clients and 9 team members!"

"I used to work random receptionist jobs and then I had a job at target. I was a college drop out and had no idea where to go / how to get to a better life"

"I’m a booked out OBM & tech expert. I’ve officially had a $10k month in business.  on average make about $7-8k a month"


- student S Today

- Student R Today

"I was working at Chipotle part-time working night shifts with a HORRIBLE sleeping schedule"

Student R THEN

join the lab


You know what they say... the best time was yesterday but the second best time is now ;)

You know all those random Apple charges that you can never figure out what are for? Unlike that, this investment will be one that you're EXCITED for.

One that you'll be looking back on a few months from now saying, "I can't believe this helped me change the trajectory of my entire life."

lab monthly value - $797
your founders rate - $87/month


You can now purchase LAB annually at an even BIGGER discounted rate...

lab monthly founders rate - $87
lab annual rate - $69/month ($827/year)

It actually CANNOT get any better than this.

I want the annual rate


Q: What if I'm already an established business owner?

A: This membership is designed to be the stepping stone that helps individuals go from a 9-5 to starting their business online, BUT established business owners will still find massive value in this membership. Not only do you have access to receive customized support to Jess in the chat and group calls, you will have access to incredible VIP unlockable content that can help you scale your already established business. 

Q: Is there a long term commitment?

A: Nope! This is a month to month membership that you can cancel at any time. I want you to stay for only as long as you see the value, though I know that will be a VERY long time 😏

Q: Do I get 1:1 access to Jess?

A: There is no direct message access to Jess in the membership, though you DO have access to ask Jess questions and receive customized support via the community chat as well as in the monthly group calls!

Q: Do I need to have a specific background in order to become a successful business owner? 

A: Not at all! From Starbucks baristas to entry level corporate roles, my students have come from all sorts of backgrounds and have gone on to build six-figure and even multi-million dollar businesses online. The big benefit in your unique background is that it can truly help you in finding your niche and specialized skills in the online business space.

Like most online, live education, this program is non-refundable. Not sure if it’s right for you? Drop us a line at to chat.

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