Looking for guidance in creating an A+ client experience, from inquiry to onboarding? It’s right here. This covers how to show a prospective client you’re the right fit, talk about pricing and smoothly transition them to *booked* status. It’s a complete package.


Wondering where in the world to start with building an online career and searching for an affordable DIY? Look no further. This covers the basics of business, how to set yourself up for success and price yourself for profit. Win, win, win.


Email marketing but make it eye-catching. Seamlessly communicate outside of social media.


Launch and market a course with every tool you need at your fingertips. Powerhouse software.


Task management that takes you from Point A to Point B in client management and projects.

favorite virtual tools


User-friendly website design. Whether new or old to the world of design I highly recommend. 


The best for content planning! I love using Later to schedule out Instagram content.


The perfect virtual accountant. It's been the easiest way to keep track of all my finances.


Perfect for OSPs - keeps all of your client communication, contracts, and invoices all in one place! 


All-in-one powerhouse for systems and operations! Use it to automate invoices, scheduling, and more.


My favorite way to design graphics! Super easy to learn with GREAT templates if you're stuck.

our graduates are






ready to start an online biz

set up to scale their income

clocked in on their own terms

working from anywhere with wifi

impacting the digital market

unleash your aspirations

Build a digital business serving the robust, online world of entrepreneurs. Scheduling freedom, scalable rates and building a sustainable career on your own terms isn't a pipe dream. You can make a living with an online, service-based business, I’m proof of that. After hitting pause on college, I quit my day job and booked my first client the same month. In under half a year, I scaled my virtual assistant business to $9k/months.


what does the online job market offer?

Wondering what exactly our students do after Digital Creatives Academy or Digital Millennials Masterclass? Drop your info and we’ll share the top earning, niche careers you can jump start with our education.