A 4+ hour, live masterclass with virtual assistant coaches Jessica Hawks and Erin Mort. Covering how to start an online, service-based business and find clients, you'll be walked through the foundation of what you need to know.


A totally modern education featuring 1:1 and group coaching. Starting from the ground up, you'll learn everything from the legalities of starting a business, finding a niche where you'll thrive, branding, pricing, marketing, finding clients and so much more.

Picture an online business where your skills truly work for you, fueling regular clients. Your time is spent in visual creation, analyzing results, and energizing client interactions where you get to share how you’ve boosted their business. 

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“Me over here with tears in my eyes because it’s the last day of Digital Creatives Academy and I’m officially booked out. What the HECK has happened.”

Brooke Busbee

“I’m about to onboard a new client and I’m damn near booked out until February. I can’t actually believe it.” 

Kailyn Sprinkle

our graduates are






ready to start an online biz

set up to scale their income

clocked in on their own terms

working from anywhere with wifi

impacting the digital market

unleash your aspirations

Build a digital business serving the robust, online world of entrepreneurs. Scheduling freedom, scalable rates and growing a sustainable career on your own terms isn't a pipe dream. You can make a living with an online, service-based business, I'm proof of that. After hitting pause on college, I quit my day job and booked my first client the same month. In under half a year, I scaled my Virtual Assistant business to $9k/months.


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what does the online job market offer?

Wondering what exactly our students do after Digital Creatives Academy or Digital Millennials Masterclass? Drop your info and we’ll share the top earning, niche careers you can jump start with our education.