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Real talk, learning to become a Pinterest Manager has been in the back of your brain for a while.

Now’s the time to...

— Become a known expert in one of the biggest social search engines

— Get expert Pinterest insight from educators who have walked ahead of you

— Make bank from spending time on a visual platform you already love




of Pinterest users purchase from a new brand after scrolling

of millennials are planning a career switch to WFH

of US pinners earning more than $100K are browsing Pinterest

Picture an online business where your skills truly work for you, fueling regular clients. Your time is spent in visual creation, analyzing results, and energizing client interactions where you get to share how you’ve boosted their business. Your wealth of knowledge is in demand. Your schedule is booked up and booked out. All because you’ve mastered Pinterest marketing. 

It’s different here. All this without sitting in a regular classroom.

We’ve got a literal roadmap for success with serving businesses who need Pinterest management. 

Your Possible Profits

 Meet Your Pinterest Masterminds

Working as virtual assistants serving the online businesses world, we became tight friends and both geeked out over what Pinterest did for our clients. Together, we realized that our skills were super rare. Few Pinterest educators share how to truly maximize what Pinterest can do for a business AND showcase how to make a living doing exactly that for others. So? We’re here to change that.



that's not where we started...

jess hawks

Growing up in a small town, reality hit when the allure of finishing my college degree wore off and I dropped out, knowing exactly what I didn’t want to do. I stumbled across the role of a Virtual Assistant in a late-night scroll and took the plunge and created a business serving wedding creatives.

sydney kerr

When I left my corporate life to become a full-time wedding florist, I realized my passion wasn’t just in events, it was in marketing and getting myself booked out. With my knowledge of digital strategy, I quickly scaled a Virtual Assistant business with Pinterest as the main service.

We have both found that mastering Pinterest management brought in consistent five-figure months.

Now? We’re here to hand you those skills.

Master the technical elements of Pinterest

Own the business skills to get booked out 

I seriously love how in-depth yet straight to the point Jess and Sydney are! Pinterest can be so intimidating when you're first starting, so it helps that they give us such a thorough introduction! They demonstrate step by step the essentials when managing Pinterest accounts while explaining the reasoning behind each strategy. I was once an OSP wanting to add Pinterest to my list of services, and now I can do so having the confidence to take my clients' business to the next level!

Kiarra Soleil

These trainings were jam packed with so much information, I have a whole new appreciation for Pinterest that I didn't even know could exist! I love that I can refer back to them for refreshers and I feel like I pick up a new tidbit of valuable info with each time I view them. Pinterest is no longer just where I go for food recipes anymore (although it's super helpful for that!) but somewhere I can now confidently help clients transform their businesses! So thankful for them!

Nicole Sharfner

I was SO impressed by how well presented everything is. Sydney and Jess walk you through what feels like literally everything to do with Pinterest in a super easy to follow, digestible format. The videos are so perfect because they literally show you exactly what to do. I have the confidence now to be able to successfully implement what was covered in the training!

Jenn Avon

Excellent introduction to using Pinterest as a VA for clients!! There were so many aspects I didn’t know before. They guide you through how to use Tailwind to schedule out pins and how you can relate all this information to any niche! She They also talks about SEO and the role it plays in pin rankings! Overall great introduction if you plan on using Pinterest for business accounts!!

Shayne Benson

Learning from Sydney and Jess was a great jump start on how to use the platform as a creator. I’d only ever used Pinterest as a consumer before, so I really didn’t know much at all. The trainings show you how to do various tasks like making idea pins to maximizing keywords. It’s a great way to learn since it’s all shown step by step!

Mallory Robinson

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Modules Of Learning





bonus Module: Scale Your Business




Discover how your happy clients can generate new clients, learn how to renew contracts smoothly and expand your team (if you want!)

How Current Clients Can Generate New Clients 
How to Renew Clients
How to Grow a Team (If you want!)

Gain insight into a stellar client experience and how to provide a smooth experience from start to finish with personality and professionalism 

Understanding Pinterest as a marketing platform and get everything you need to create your business in a niche you love


How to market your online business and create content that showcases your skills and abilities so you can sell your Pinterest Manager services with ease


Business Foundations

Managing Your Client’s Pinterest Account

Become an expert at creating and client workflows and driving their success with skillful time management and decoding analytics

Set your account up properly, learn the different account types and the additional software that is essential for Pinterest management

Understand how to build a custom strategy that increases website traffic and sales for clients, as well as how to problem solve if you aren’t seeing results


Pinterest Strategy


Video FAQ 
Manage Your Clients With Our Custom Trello Board
Track Progress with Our Monthly Report Template
Keyword Research Spreadsheet
Checklist for Pinterest Account Setup
Full Pinterest Manager Task List w/Daily, Weekly + Monthly Items
Exclusive Discount on Pinterest Management Contract from The Legal Paige
Client Onboarding Questionnaire


What does a Pinterest Manager do?

A Pinterest Manager works by handling all of the content creation and account growth for businesses. This is a valuable virtual work niche because Pinterest is in the top 20 online marketing platforms and tripled the number of products and courses it sold for businesses last year.

Okay, but can I actually make a living off this?

Yes, you sure can. The industry rate for hourly work is $60-100/hr. We want you to have the tools you need in order to go out and make a living so we don’t just teach Pinterest skills, we also teach you the business tools you’ll need to be successful.

What skills do I need in order to become a Pinterest Manager?

Everything you need in order to become successful is contained in Pin + Thrive. We teach both Pinterest mastery and the tools you will need to book clients and grow a successful business.

Do I need to have a specific background in order to be a successful Pinterest Manager?

 Not at all! Our graduates have come from all sorts of backgrounds. From Starbucks baristas and Target employees to entry-level corporate roles. The big benefit of your unique background is that it can truly help you in finding your niche in the Pinterest Management industry.

If I already have some Pinterest knowledge, is this course right for me?

This course is a great fit if you’d like to get the most up-to-date information on Pinterest strategy from a management perspective! We also deeply cover how to start and scale a Pinterest management business, as well as how to provide incredible customer service. Essentially, it’s not just the Pinterest skills, it’s the business know-how, too.

How can I show my parents/partner the value of investing in this to further my career or to make a complete job switch?

Ultimately, the value in building a career on your own terms will always come back to the freedom it gives you and the people you love. It’s not just the ability to grow your income beyond your hourly wage at a 9-5, it’s the freedom to create your own schedule, to travel, and just enjoy life outside of work.

Can I do this course on my own time?

Yes! All modules are recorded so you can watch them at any time. You’ll have lifetime access with real-time updates as Pinterest continues to evolve so it’s the best of all learning environments. 

What’s the refund policy?

Like most online education, this program is non-refundable. Not sure if it’s right for you? Drop us a line at to chat.

Enroll now for $297

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